Application of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, Many industrial sectors including transportation, medical, finance, education, and manufacturing have been advanced and developed by the application of Artificial Intelligence. According to Research Briefs (2018), about 86% of healthcare, science, and healthcare technicians are using artificial intelligence. The report indicates that the number will highly increase by the year 2022. Artificial Intelligence can be in the form of Machine intelligence and cognitive science. Machine intelligence is highly based on computer science technology and relates to making computers behave more intelligently. Cognitive science relates more to come up with programs that explain and describe human intelligence. The research paper will discuss the history of artificial intelligence, the application of artificial intelligence in different areas, and the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

Application of artificial intelligence

Application in healthcare organizations

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The services in the medical sector have been improved since the introduction of artificial intelligence. One of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare organizations is managing data and information. Artificial intelligence is applied in analyzing medical data.  For instance, Robots are used to record, analyze and store data and information. They can also be used in tracing lost or historical data. The other application of artificial intelligence in a healthcare organization is coming up with treatment designs and plans. Artificial intelligence helps to combine data from research work, diagnostic information of patients, and clinical data to enable the doctors to come up with a proper treatment plan for the patients.

            Artificial intelligence is applied to conducting numerous tasks at a faster rate. In the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence carries out activities such as X-rays, data entry, CT scans, and various other tests. AiCure application has been developed to monitor how patients use medications given to them. The app ensures that the patients do not fall victim to drug abuse and risk their lives. This form of artificial intelligence is mostly used in patients that have chronic issues and those that tend to forget their medical routines or to go against the advice of the doctors.

            Machine learning artificial intelligence is applied to developing digital nurse programs. This helps to examine the patients and conduct treatment follow-ups. This program is highly applied to individuals with cases of chronic diseases. Artificial intelligence is applied in coming developing applications and programs that provide essential health advice and information to parents that have ill children. Such applications give answers to questions regarding medication and if the signs and symptoms that were given are serious and need a visit to the doctor. the Babylon app has been developed to assist in the medical and health consultations of individuals. Users give a description of their conditions in the app which finally suggests actions that should be taken putting into consideration the medical background of the user.

            Artificial intelligence is applied in analyzing healthcare systems. It is applied by going through electronic data and identifying the mistakes and inefficiencies of the healthcare systems. They are applied to help in improving the operations of healthcare systems so as to produce a quality outcome. With the application of artificial intelligence, genomics and genetics identify links to diseases and mutations in DNA. Body scans have made it possible to determine vascular diseases and cancer at an early stage and predict the individual’s health issues that he or she might have in the future.

Application of artificial intelligence in the security of data and information

With the evolving digital technology, cyberbullying is one of the main challenges. Artificial intelligence is applied to protect data and information and prevent cases of cyberbullying to arise. One of the applications of artificial intelligence is determining the malware that can cause harm to the stored data. The codes of the malware are varying from each other. Application Artificial intelligence can predict the files that are malware and distinguish them from those that are not. Artificial intelligence is used in determining the probability of a cyber-attack occurring. For instance, AI2 is an artificial intelligence program that can predict cyber-attacks. The program uses Active Contextual Modeling to determine and detect the rates of cyber-attacks that may occur.

Application of artificial intelligence in finance

Application of artificial intelligence in finance
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Investment organizations our artificial intelligence to carry out trading and determine the frequency of a large number of profits by using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. Artificial intelligence is also applied in detecting possibilities of fraud in financial statements. In detecting fraud in financial statements, artificial intelligence is useful in identifying transactions that are of fraud and ensuring accuracy in the financial statements. Artificial intelligence has made it easier to carry out mathematical operations while preparing financial statements. In modern days, individuals do not necessarily have to use manual books in preparing financial documents. Artificial intelligence has provided applications that can assist in preparing financial statements and even in storing such data.

            Artificial intelligence is also useful in banking services. Artificial intelligence enables banking organizations to serve their clients faster. Banks have developed apps that their customers can use for inquiries and money transfers. This has made operations in the banking sector to be more convenient. Artificial intelligence is also used in storing financial data of organizations and companies. The various accounting software that has been developed has made it easier for accountants to conduct their operations.

Application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing

In the supply chain of manufacturing organizations, artificial intelligence is applied in perceiving the amount and rate of demand for particular products in different areas, social classes, and economic segments. Artificial intelligence is applied in the supply chain departments to determine the demand and supply of commodities. This is important in making decisions such as the number of goods to produce and sell in the market. Artificial intelligence is also used in predicting the possibilities of the breakdown of machines during operations. Mistakes and errors can be tracked and traced by the use of artificial intelligence.  They have enabled operations in the manufacturing sector to be more convenient.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

One of the advantages of artificial intelligence is that it has helped to solve numerous problems in different sectors of the economy. Apart from the health sectors other areas such as education, manufacturing, finance, and transport sector have greatly benefited from artificial intelligence technology. This is because the application helps in detecting the mistakes and errors that have occurred or are likely to occur and provides suggestions and recommendations to solve the issues.

            Artificial intelligence cannot be affected by a hostile and external environment like human beings. They can accomplish complex and more tasks that are risky.  For instance, in the mining and oil industries, the risky duties that cannot be performed by human beings are performed by machines. Artificial intelligence carries out repetitive tasks that can be tedious and boring to human beings.

            Artificial intelligence can think and make decisions without being affected by emotions. They, therefore, make authentic decisions that are not biased and which are rational. They can make decisions that have no errors or have fewer mistakes as compared to the decisions made by human beings. Artificial intelligence can help in detecting fraud cases in various operations which could not be determined by human beings.

            The other advantage of artificial intelligence is that it cannot get tiring. They can work continuously without getting tired. Human beings need frequent rest. Artificial intelligence is appropriate for tasks that seem boring since they do not get bored and do not need to be entertained as human beings. Artificial intelligence can interact with people. For instance, in the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence can be used in patient monitoring and even robotic radiosurgery.

Limitations of artificial intelligence

One of the disadvantages of artificial intelligence is that they are very costly to implement. Artificial intelligence requires a lot of resources including finances and time to be created and implemented. It can take a lot of time to fix a machine in case of a breakdown. The other disadvantage is that artificial intelligence such as robots is replacing the job opportunities of human beings. This may lead to the crisis of unemployment in the near future. Apart from causing unemployment, artificial intelligence reduces the creativity and mental capacity of human beings.  The use of Smartphones and social media platforms has made individuals have poor personal relations with family members or individuals around them. Relying on artificial intelligence to carry out almost every task encourages idleness and laziness among human beings.

            The other disadvantage of artificial intelligence is when they are designed to do a particular task; they cannot perform a task that is different from that. Unlike human beings who are very flexible, machines help in areas in which they are designed to operate only. This can be inconvenient in places where there are numerous different tasks that need to be accomplished. Artificial intelligence requires extra storage space. Big machines that are used for the construction and drilling of oil require massive storage space, and this can be too expensive for an organization.

            Even though artificial intelligence can think, their thinking process cannot be similar to that of human beings. They do not have senses, and this can make them not be sensitive while interacting with human beings. In addition to that, artificial intelligence does not have emotions like human beings. In healthcare organizations, particular robots that act as nurses to monitor the treatment program of patients cannot offer emotional support to patients as a nurse.

            Artificial intelligence cannot improve their skills and be more effective than their present operations. After being designed in a particular way, artificial intelligence will operate in the same form unless they are modified to operate differently. They are unlike human beings who can advance and improve their skills from the experiences that they have. Artificial intelligence cannot apply moral values and ethical principles. They cannot differentiate immoral and moral behaviors as human beings.

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