Question: can you analyze this movie and answer these questions? INVICTUS MOVIE -Free Course Hero Question Answer.

Question Description: can you analyze this movie and answer these questions? INVICTUS MOVIE


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1.Analyze Mandela’s power source on;

  • Mandela persuades a meeting with the newly black – dominated South African Sports committee to support the Springboks, where he also meet the captain of the Springboks rugby team, Peinaar. Mandela convince Peinaar that the Springboks victory will unite and inspire South Africans. Through this, Mandela thinks that it will be a great help to solve the problem in racial division, between black and white South Africans.
  • The conflict between black and white South Africans was also seen in Mandela’s guards. Racial division in his guards results in distrust on white guard so the black guards added security details. but because of what Mandela had learned in Invictus while he was imprisoned, he shared with them what inspired and motivated him to make their nation united.

2.What needs of people are satisfied so that they follow Mandela? Refer to the needs approach and theories of motivation?

  • Mandela’s main priority during his five – years presidency was to reconcile the white and black South Africans from the racial division. He saw an opportunity with the Springboks rugby team as a way to unite them towards one goal, and that is to win in the Rugby World Cup which is also the Springboks wanted to happen. Mandela’s theory about what can sports do to reconcile their country becomes the motivation also for all the african people.

3.What are Mandela’s values? Support the value list by examples from the movie.

  • Service – Mandela shows an act of service to all South Africans especially in the part where he himself support the most of his country’s rugby team.
  • Sacrifice – He sacrificed for over 27 years in the prison for the people of South Africa.
  • Compassion – His mission to unite the black and white South Africans showed his compassion to his people. The racial division that caused violence and discrimination and even their loved for their country has gone, he wanted to make all South Africans to be a one country.

4.Analyze personality traits of Mandela and discuss whether he fits to Great Man theory or not. Give specific example from the movie.

  • Nelson Mandela shows a traits of bravery, determination, goodness and leadership traits or qualities. I think Nelson Mandela is fits to Great Man theory because of his remarkable leadership qualities, his heroic courage, and his natural attributes that makes the black and white South Africans unites. As one of the scene in the movie of Invictus, Mandela talks to the Springboks to be united with him towards their goal, he supported their rugby team and at the same time he convince them to make this game will results to their nation’s peace and unity.

5.Operationalize SLT on the rugby team captain.

  • When Pienaar understand Mandela’s goal, he exercises his leadership to his team towards the goal of winning the sports and uniting the people of South Africa. Despite of the negativity of Springboks to win, Pienaar stand firm behind the theory of Mandala that the game can successfully unite the South Africa.

6.What political tactics were used by Mandela to influence people? Give specific examples from the movie.

  • He served as the president of African National Congress ( ANC ). His presidency faces enormous challenges but he begins to sharing his mission to unite South Africans. In the movie, Mandela was imprison but 4 years when he was released in the prison, he run for presidency and uses all his knowledge and influence to share his mission in the use of sports.

7.Have you noticed any ethical dilemma/problem in the movie? If yes please discuss the approach of Mandela to the issue.

  • Nelson Mandela was become the first black president of South Africa. The racial division and tensions are high as Mandela attempts to unite the black and white South Africans in the beginning of the Anti – Apartheid era. He attempts to do it by inspiring the nation with the help of Springbok rugby team.

8.What life long lesson did you learn from the movie?

  • Face your fears and act, you may think your dream is very impossible but you will never achieve it when you don’t do something for your dream. Like what Pienaar at the beginning, he didn’t believe that they can win he believe that it was impossible for them to win the Rugby World Cup but he perseveres. He trains hard with his team and believe that they can so in the end they win. His impossible dream became possible because he perseveres.

Step-by-step explanation

South African is a country divided by racism, violence and a threat of civil war. Nelson Mandela’s leadership was inspiring, he embraces the African’s sports which is rugby and uses it to unite his people.

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