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Question: The purpose of the Transition Process is: -Free Course Hero Question Answer.

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The purpose of the Transition Process is:

To check conformance to “design-to” requirements.

To ensure conformance to stakeholder requirements.

To buy, build, or reuse items per the transition plan.

To assemble a product per transition documentation.

To deliver a validated end product to its customer.

*This is not Civil Engineering*

This is Defense Acquisition. Course Hero wouldn’t let me put it as the subject.

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Step-by-step explanation

The process of transition process and has many objectives which primarily deal with planning, coordination, standardization, and improvement. They are as follows:

  • To make plans for the service transition activities and coordinate the service transition resources within the IT department across various projects, suppliers and service teams wherever it is required.
  • The newly introduced services and the services which have been recently modified should be established within the estimated costs with the required level of quality and within the decided timeframe.
  • New or improved information management systems should be established along with the necessary tools, technology and management architectures, service management processes and metrics to meet the agreed-upon needs and requirements.
  • To make plans that will allow the business change projects to align with service transition.
  • To identify the risks which are involved in the projects, manage them and keep them under control to ensure that the chances of failure are low.
  • Constant monitoring and improvement of the performance of the service transition.

The main activities in the transition process and support are:

  • To define the overall strategy for transition, that includes the policy, roles, responsibilities, standards, frameworks and success criteria.
  • To review and accept inputs such as service design package, raise requests for change (RFC), check transitional readiness and baseline the configuration as a part of planning and coordination for service and transition.
  • To plan and coordinate the service transition which includes the production of the service transition plans, reviewing and coordinating with the release deployment plans.
  • To provide support and advice for the transition process along with monitoring and reporting of the progress made.

ANSWER = To deliver a validated end product to its customer.

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