Why the robots are not doing a good job?

Robot handshake human background, futuristic digital age

The robotic agents in Robert’s service are impaired in their random decision making because of the disparity of the sizes of the boxes in respect to the agents the robots’ software are operating on. These decisions are bound to not be optimum because of various factors. The robot’s decisions could be affected in situations where both the width and depth of the lower placed box are more significant than the width and depth of the upper placed box, respectively. This means the logical decision by the robot is to place the latter box on top of the former. This could be a problem with packages that have very long width but very short depth. Another problem could be the rotation of the boxes such that the width is smaller than the depth. For instance, where the base length is 2*3 with a height of 1 (1*2*3). These measurements can also be (2*1*3) and (3*1*2). This rotation problem could affect the robot’s judgements and hence cause abnormal stacking.